Ocean Beach Fishing Club's annual Catch And Release event for children on the dock

Ocean Beach Fishing Club

Promoting sportsmanship, conservation, and inclusivity since 1946. Save our seas!

2022 Kids-Only Fishing Contest

$25 per child. Poles, T-shirts, and souvenirs will be provided!


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Prizes will be awarded!

The idea of good sportsmanship and conservation continues, and will be needed to continue in the times to come!

About the Annual Kids Catch-and-Release Contest

The Ocean Beach Fishing Club holds an annual, rain-or-shine event for kids on the docks of the marina in Ocean Beach, New York.

For these events, we make the fishing poles, solicit memberships, outfit all applicants with T-shirts, and provide bait and assistance. We give out snacks, vouchers for ice cream, and prizes for everyone.


Ocean Beach Fishing Club was organized in 1945 and incorporated in 1946 to foster good sportsmanship and conservation of our natural resources:

By the mid-1980s, the club had became dormant.

In 2006, Woody Salvan reformed the Ocean Beach Fishing Club with a new direction. If the future of our waters was to be for the benefit of our children, he believed they should have a say, so he reorganized the OBFC as a kids-only club.

The new OBFC focuses on a Kids-Only Catch-and-Release Contest — the future is for our children.

One year, we released 93 fish that we caught in two hours! Every year, we seem to find a message to speak for what we’re doing.

We’ve remembered the brave Davey Jones who lost his battle to cancer at 12, we’ve shared our proceeds with the Ocean Beach Fire Department and Police Department after Hurricane Sandy, donated to the new Ocean Beach playground at the Bay, and contributed to the Ocean Beach Historical Society.

We Fish Because…


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